CDS 1 2018 expected cut offs (sectional as well as Overall Cut Offs)

The UPSC EXAMINATION for the combined defence services would be conducted on the 4 th Feburary 2018 . Across the entire length , breadth of the country , has culminates and majority of the students are in major doubts about the expected cut offs for this years paper for CDS 1 2018 paper/examination. The paper was given by several lakhs of candidates and out of which only a few will make the merit in for the SSB INTERVIEW process which follows it.


Majority of the Candidates would be wanting to know the Cut offs for CDS 1 2018 Examination also the cutoffs are both for sectional as well as overall paper also.


cds 1 2018 expected cut off's


THE UPSC paper for this years CDS 1 2018 had 3 section each section consisting of 100 marks each ..

English Section was like previous years simple .

Whereas, the GS section had maintained the standard of the earlier paper as tricky, with certain conceptual question and certain super tricky questions. To certain questions which would be very tough for the candidates. This remained no surprise .

Coming to the mathematics section it was filled with questions having large no of short cuts which could have been easily solved in the given time frame .

So according to the paper this years Cut Offs for CDS 1 2018 Sectional as well as Final Cut off

Course                    MIN MARKS IN EACH SUBJECT              OVERALL MARKS 

1. IMA                                                   20                                                                   109

2. AFA                                                  20                                                                    138

3. INA                                                  20                                                                     95

4. OTA                                                  20                                                                    78





UPSC has released the official cut off of previous year CDS examination. It can help the candidates to know about the previous trends of the cut off.

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 11.09.37 AM

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 11.10.02 AM


Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 11.10.13 AM



How to Calculate your overall Marks for the CDS 1 2018 paper 

The Mathematics paper is the only paper consisting of 100 questions and each question would be given +1 for correct answer and -.33 for negative response.

But in case of English and General Studies Paper the paper consists of 120 questions for each correct response of + .833

and for negative response -.2777 aprox marks .


How to check your score for the CDS 1 2018 paper ?

You can visit our link for the same on our website to see your overall score for the paper how much you have scored and tally it with the answer key . That has been provided by us on the following link  CDS 1 2018 ANSWER KEY AND SOLUTIONS