Capf Study Schedule

It is very important that a specific CAPF Study Schedule is provided so that one can clear this Capf paper and achieve success. The candidates need to channelise their energy in the right way and make a proper flowchart so as to prepare for the upcoming UPSC Capf examination.

Top 10 ten tips to prepare a study schedule For Capf 2024


Top 10 ten tips to prepare a study schedule For Capf 2024

  1. Divide topics into paper one and paper two first.
  2. In paper one further divided the topics into social sciences, sciences, current affairs and mathematics
  3. For paper II of Capf divide the topics into pressie writing, comprehension, for and against, basic grammar and so on. Hence, a proper capf study schedule for you.
  4. For paper one not divide time according to history that is ancient, medieval and modern. Go through the recent trends and devote your time to topics which are most repetitive. For example these days a lot more questions come from ancient history.
  5. Divide the day for geography that is world, Indian and Indian economic geography. Devote your time daily on each of the topics and at the start of the preparation give more time for topics which you have never read
  6. Daily go through newspapers and current affairs and make separate sections related to defence, world organisations and government schemes. It will help you combine all the topics before the papers are to begin.
  7. Devote at least one hour every day to mathematics and go through previous last five years papers after you’ve done preparation to see your speed and your technique while solving the mathematics questions
  8. Daily or at least once a week write a topic for and against related to current issues. For example at the present time right for and against one nation one election. Keep enhancing your answers and evaluate them from the best of teachers. That is why new careers academy is top academy for Capf coaching in india. 
  9. Prepared through your teachers and your friends and shut down for at least six hours a self preparation to clear the Capf examination.
  10. Take guidance from your mentor and help them guide you best practices for preparation for the road ahead for Capf 2024. 

The Following steps will help you clear your doubts relating to CAPF Study schedule.If you are looking to join the best Capf coaching institute in India look no further

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