Personal interview are conducted by the Interviewing Officer (President/Vice president/ Addditional I.o.)  of the board either on the day Psychology tests or on subsequent days depending upon the total number of candidates to be interviewed and what is the availability of the Interviewing officer.

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The interview is conducted in an atmosphere where a candidate feels very comfortable and is at ease with the I.O. Once this is done a general set of questions are put forward by the I.O. regarding your name, family background and interests . He may also ask question regarding general awareness and if you are working somewhere may ask you about the organisation in which you work(if working ) .  The PIQ form which you fill up will give detail solution of the question that will be lined before you during the Interview so make sure you write only truth and do not put a fake impression about yourself. The I.O. will also test your mettle and you ability to withstand pressure with some interesting situations. The interviews can vary between 20min to one hour.

Frequently Asked Questions to repeaters in SSB Interview

Question1. For the repeaters a question comes as to why have you been not able to get selected in the previous attempts?

Answer:- Lets starts with what is the reason as to why  the I.O. ask’s you such question. This is to see whether you have done self appraisal/ self evaluation before the S.S.B. or not ..
A candidate does need to introspect on the shortcomings as to why he/she was not able to clear the earlier round of s.s.b. A Human being just like a self defence mechanism can work on himself, and always strive to achieve success and be the best at what he/she is .So to answer this question one needs to understands what all things can a candidate talk about and what are things he can avoid while speaking such an answer.

A candidate can make sure that he can his basic knowledge and also can make an progress in the public speaking and physical fitness. But what need to be avoided here is a candidate talking about evaluating himself in the ssb tests, because the candidate is not a assessor and has no knowledge of what is required in the ssb procedure. So talking on those lines will not help. Most important thing to know is candidate need to asses himself according to his knowledge and not think and given an answer according to the assessor . This is surely one of the major things to be avoided at the S.S.B.

Question 2. Why has your percentage dropped/increased if it has or increased from 10th to 12th or graduation ?

Answer :- You all need to know the reason as to why the Interviewing officer has asked you these details. The reason being that he wishes to know the specific reasons, as to what happened during this period which led to a drop in your performance ..
The reasons could be many example could be increase in difficulty of various subjects, it could be because of poor time management, or it could be due to participation in various sports or participation in extra curricular activities, wrong selection of subjects or it could also be due to bad group of friends that you were lead in wrong direction, but one needs to owe up to his error and not make flimsy excuses as i studied a lot but go less marks. Teachers did not give me marks or any other thing in which one tends to blame others and not hold himself responsible for his actions.

The IO will not take your actions in a negative mindset provided one has learnt his lesson from it, and do not dwell to much on the past. What is required is a individual who can learn from the past and take that as a stepping stone towards success in the future. But remember do not use crude or words which can undermine your answer and give a negative impression of you present the answer in the most simple way and make the answer seem of a person who has a positive outlook towards life.

Question 3. Another question which affects a lot of students is the question where
it is asked. Do you have girlfriend if not then why?
and the second part Do you consume alcohol/booze?

Answer:-  The IO generally asks this question so as to ascertain how determined is one towards his goal, which he wants to achieve. The key to handle such questions is to remain calm and not to loose any composure while answering such questions. there should be no change in one’s body language and attitude he should remain the same.
It is required that one answers the question honestly. I personally have been told by a number of students who come for training they have read on the internet to answer it no. So as to avoid the questions further, but i would like to clear this misconception amongst the students. Even if you answer No further question can  be asked about this topic, this depends straight up on your body language. The best way to answer is be truthful but at the same time do not give answers like “Sir! I drink like a fish or Sir, I can drink as many bottles possible”. Such wrong phrased answers will lead to rejection, so the candidate needs to use his tact and answer in such a way he dilutes the answer, being honest at the same time, answers to the question with tact, which also brings a good impression on the IO.