AFCAT Preparation Study Schedule

Best 10 Tips to Crack AFCAT.

The following tips will help you prepare an effective afcat preparation study schedhule. If one needs to clear the Air Force Common Admission Test one needs to have a proper study schedule and timetable so as to keep continue focus towards the examination and clear the examination whenever one affairs for it.


Top 10 ten tips to prepare a study Schedule For AFCAT 

  1. Divide your time between self study and preparation through online afcat coaching  or off-line medium of coaching for AFCAT Examination. 
  2. One should dedicate a minimum of three hours to self-study after preparing 6 hours at your respective coaching centres to gain the best. 
  3. Do smart work in terms of preparing start with mathematics and listening as they Are most scoring sections and can easily be covered up.
  4. Devote and mark on your study table capitals, first in the world first in India. So that you can easily go through it daily and not able to remember these questions in static GK when they come in your paper.
  5. Prepare in a study group connect with your friends and your tuition mates and make a study group whereby you are devoting at least three hours I’m helping each other and sections which you find difficult or you want to revise.
  6. In one week keep at least one day for two more tests that are complete and two tests related to certain topics which you’ve done.
  7. Join best afcat coaching institution which has a very good track record in producing high results for AFCAT examination.
  8. Note your target that you need to score a minimum of 155 marks to clear the AFCAT Examination so keep your target at a minimum of 200 marks.
  9. Prepare weekly current affairs and also learn vocabulary on a weekly basis so that you improve your English. 
  10. And finally keep one day of any preparation for us to relax and recollect whatever you’ve done without putting too much of undue pressure on yourself.

All the above mentioned tips would be successful in helping you clear the AFCAT examination and   help with scheduling your examination in a better way.

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