Enrol Yourself with The Best Academy for AFCAT Coaching in Jammu

Afcat coaching in Jammu, large number of candidates want to join defence forces. A large number of you would want to join through the Afcat coaching . Hence, new careers academy is the best for Afcat coaching in India.

What we need to understand about AFCAT Examinations?

The paper happens twice a year and is conducted by the Indian Airforce.

When can we apply for AFCAT Examination?

The AFCAT Examination is eligible for the candidates who are either passed or applying in last year of graduation. You are also required to have in 12th class 60% Marks in physics and mathematics. Also, it is important to Score 60% in graduation.

What Is there in the AFCAT Exam?

The AFCAT Paper, is a total of 100 questions in them. The paper will be divided in the following way:
Mathematics Questions:  18-16 Marks
Reasoning Questions(Verbal/Non Verbal):  32-34 Marks
English Questions:  20-25 Marks
General Knowledge Questions:  20-25 Marks

Why New Careers Academy is The Best AFCAT Coaching In Jammu?

The classes are on a daily basis.

We Guarantee 90% percent from our notes.

Get 50% in our papers and we can guarantee a selection for sure.

The maths and reasoning section will be covered twice.

Thereby, guaranteeing a score of 150+ in the AFCAT Paper.

Similarly , our Vocabulary booklets are the best and cover all the important syllabus.

Our students tend to score 180+ easy. Learn from the best and be the best.

The best part is that the notes are more than sufficient and one needs to study nothing more.

Concluding, we take weekly and monthly full test to overcome the difficult situations.

And Finally, to sum it up we have been doing this for the past 5 decades and the education imparted by us cannot be matched.

What is our teaching methodology for the AFACT Examinations?

We will have a course of total of 40 days + 10 days (Refresher Classes). The classes will be carrying a duration along the lines of the paper that comes in the AFCAT Examinations. The Mathematics and Reasoning Syllabus will be covered over a duration of these 40 days.

Why Choose New Careers Academy for AFCAT coaching in Jammu?

NCA is an institution located in Chandigarh. Having a record of over 5 decades. Estd. Since 1967, with more than 38000 plus selections we have been producing 2nd and 3rd generation officers. Daily test with shortcut methods. Daily classes with classes running through out the year and no holidays are observed. Defence staff with S.S.B. like structure for outdoor. Making us the top coaching AFCAT Academy in Jammu.

Our batches start 1st and 15 th of every month.The classes are held 8 hours daily with no holidays are observed even national holidays are working for us.

Join our AFCAT Coaching program and avail your opportunity to work with Indian Air Force.