SIMRAN had joined us for AFCAT/CDS written which she will be giving on 14th  Nov 2021. Wish her  god speed and all the best for the endeavours including the upcoming SSB Interview and clearing the AFCAT/CDS written Examinations . 

Hi this is Simran Kaur from Nasik Maharashtra. I had joined the NCA Academy three months back in Chandigarh. I joined this academy for AFCAT Written Coaching. I had then continued for my Cds Written OTA examination. Talking about the learning environment, the way of teaching of every classes. It helps us to grasp things very quickly as it is taught in a very simple and non-complex manner. The staff is really nice, they conduct weekly mock test . To keep a track on the performance of each candidate. They help you to grow whatever challenges you’re facing. You do not have to think much, and the staff is also very easily approachable and they willing to help you in whatever the need maybe. Ask the teacher any doubt at any point in any day. Talking about the lectures, lectures also get recorded and if somebody misses a class they get to see the recorded lectures. Which is the most helpful thing or if you want to revise the lecture you can go through that lecture again. The notes are also given in both PDF and hardcopy form. So one has both variety of notes available to them. For defence examinations I would recommend New Careers Academy it is the best for Afcar seniors and all the other written examination along with the SSB interview..