81. Who has been conferred with UK’s prestigious Founders Award 2016?
[A]Kunal Nayyar [B]Prakash Lohia [C]Mother Teresa [D]Paul Sagoo

82. Whose birth anniversary will be celebrated on April 13, 2016 at the UN headquarters?
[A]B R Ambedkar [B]Annie Besant [C]Florence Nightingale [D]George Washington

83. xThe Group of Seven (G-7) summit for the year 2016 is to be held in which country?
[A]Japan [B]France [C]Canada [D]Germany

84. The RV Easwar Committee gave recommendations on:
[A]simplification of income tax laws [B]Goods and Services Tax in India [C]banking reforms [D]crude oil and gas pricing

85 Who has been crowned as the FBB Femina Miss India World 2016?
[A]Namrata Sharma [B]Priyadarshini Chatterjee [C]Pankhuri Gidwani [D]Sushruthi Krishna

86.  Who will receive the Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation’s Best Actress of the Year award 2016? [
A]Deepika Padukone [B]Anushka Sharma [C]Priyanka Chopra [D]Kangna Ranaut

87 . Who is the author of the book titled “India’s War: The Making of Modern South Asia 1939-1945”?
[A]Mini Kapoor [B]Srinath Raghavan [C]Sreedhar Chandan [D]Suhasini Haidar

88. Soni Chaurasiya, who recently broke the record of marathon dancing of 123 hours and 20 minutes, is associated with which dance form of India?
[A]Kathak [B]Dumhal [C]Sattriya [D]Hikat

89. . Who has won the 2016 International Boxing Federation heavyweight title?
[A]Victor Emilio Ramirez [B]Anthony Joshua [C]Sergey Kovalev [D]Charles Martin

90. The International Day of Human Space Flight is observed on which day?
[A]April 11 [B]April 10 [C]April 12 [D]April 13

91 Who has won the 2016 Global Indian of the Year award?
[A]Shahrukh Khan [B]Aishwarya Rai Bachchan [C]Sanjay Leela Bhansali [D]Priyanka Chopra

92 . Which country has successfully launched “SJ-10” a retrievable scientific research satellite?
[A]India [B]United States [C]China [D]Russia

93.  Who is the author of the book “Framed As a Terrorist: My 14-Year Old Struggle to Prove My Innocence”?
[A]Chaman Ara [B]Aman Biradari [C]Mohammad Aamir Khan [D]Mohammad Nasir Batla

94. The M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) is a light multiple rocket launcher from which country? [A]United States [B]China [C]Israel [D]India

95 Who is the author of the book “The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler”?
[A]James Cross Giblin [B]John Banville [C]Jeffrey Archer [D]Agatha Christie

96. Who has won the 2016 Laureus World Sportsman of the Year Award?
[A]Lewis Hamilton [B]Usain Bolt [C]Novak Djokovic [D]Lionel Messi

97.  Who is the author of the book “The Story of Kashmir through the Ages”?
[A]Nehan Singhal [B]Arjan Nath Chaku [C]Amitabh Matoo [D]Leher Sethi

98 . Who is the author of the book “Hindutva or Hind Swaraj”?
[A]Agha Shahid Ali [B]U.R. Ananthamurthy [C]Rohinton Mistry [D]Amrish Tripathi

99. Who is the author of the book “The Great Indian World Trip”?
[A]Tushar Agarwal [B]Gerry Rodgers [C]J. Alchemely [D]Subra Ramamurthy

100.Who is the author of the book “No Time to Pause”?
[A]Tushar Kumar [B]Amrish Tripathi [C]Pavithra Ramesh [D]J. Alchem

81 c
82 a
83 a
84 a
85 b
86 c
87 b
88 a
89 b
90 c
91 b
92 c
93 c
94 a
95 a
96 c
97 b
98 b
99 a
100 c


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