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Question 81. Who is the author of the book titled “A Kingdom For His Love”?
[A]Arundhati Roy     [B]Thomas Hardy         [C]Vani Mahesh         [D]Chetan Bhagat

Question 82. Who has won the 2016 Miami Open Men’s singles title?
A]Rafael Nadal         [B]Novak Djokovic         [C]David Ferrer         [D]Kei Nishikori

Question 83. The United Nations International Day of Happiness is celebrated on which date?
[A]February 16         [B]March 20             [C]May 19         [D]April 6

Question 84. Who is the author of the book titled “Gandhi: An Illustrated Biography”?
[A]Pramod Kapoor     [B]Arundhati Roy             [C]Ambrish Tripathi     [D]Aarathi Prasad

85 . Who has won the best actor award at the 63rd National Film Awards 2016?
[A]Ranjeet Singh         [B]Shahid Kapoor         [C]Amitabh Bachchan     [D]Salman Khan

86.  Who is the author of the novel “That Long Silence”?
[A]Shashi Deshpande     [B]Arundhati Roy         [C]Kiran Desai         [D]Anita Desai

87. Which is the India’s oldest paramilitary force?
[A]Indian Coast Guard     [B]Special Frontier Force         [C]Assam Rifles         [D]None of the above

88. Who has been conferred with the France’s Knight of the Legion of Honour?
[A]Tikka Shatrujit Singh     [B]Nigam Sen             [C]Chandra Prabha Saxena [D]Aditya Chopra

89. Who has become the youngest person to climb the Mt. Kangchenjunga base camp in Sikkim?
[A]Vasay Kumari         [B]Suryassangyini Chaudhary     [C]Vaasangyan Reddy     [D]Mansi Chopra

90. Recently, which neighbour of India passed a resolution to convert its Parliament into Constitutional Assembly? [A]Myanmar         [B]Nepal             [C]Sri Lanka         [D]Bangladesh

91. Elie Wiesel, who passed away recently, had won the Nobel prize in which category?
[A]Medicine         [B]Physics             [C]Chemistry         [D]Peace

92. Which of the following Mughal rulers banned engraving Kalma on coins?
[A]Jahangir         [B]Aurangzeb             [C]Shahjahan         [D]Muhammad Shah

93. The commander of Alauddin Khilji’s forces during his Deccan Campaigns was __?
[A] Malik Kafur         [B] Ainul Mulk Multani         [C] Nusrat Khan         [D] Ulugh Khan

94. In Bengal, the headquarters of East India Company were located at
Fort St David        (b) Fort William            (c) Fort St George    (d) None of the above

95. The humidity of the air depends upon
Temperature        B. Location            C. Weather        D. All of the above

96. The latitude of a place expresses its angular position relative to the plane of
Axis of earth        B. North pole            C. South pole        D. Equator

97. Which Indian personality has won the Woman of the Year award at the 2016 International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA)?
[A]Priyanka Chopra     [B]Radhika Apte             [C]Alia Bhatt         [D]Deepika Padukone

98. Who will become the first woman in the world to receive the 2016 IMO Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea? [A]Mehak Fanifau     [B]Janick Gilbert             [C]Christopher Leon     [D]Radhika Menon

99. The Zika health emergency has been declared in which of the following South American countries?
[A]Argentina         [B]Chile                 [C]Peru             [D]Venezuela

100. The 2016 joint military exercise “Maitree” has been conducted between India and which of the following countries? [A]Indonesia         [B]Thailand             [C]Malaysia         [D]Maldives

Mark you score below in the comments section to compare your performance with respect to others

81. c
82. b
83. b
84. a
85. c
86. a
87. c
88. a
89. b
90. c
91. d
92. b
93. a
94. b
95. d
96. d
97 . a
98. d
99. c
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