AFCAT 1 2016 and EKT Answer Keys

AFCAT 1 Answer Keys 2016
AFCAT 1 2016 Answer Keys will be disclosed here on our website on the 21/2/2016. AFCAT 1 Answer Keys 2016. You can also Download the afcat answer keys 2016 for all the set 1 set 2 set 3 and set 4. Afcat 1 answer key | The Indian Airforce Common Admission Test will be conducted on the  21ST Feb 2016. I.A.F. – afcat examination (I) answer sheet with solution KEYS FOR – set a set b set c set d. Air force common admission test (afcat) answer key with question paper solution along with video analysis of the paper at

AFCAT 1 Answer Keys 2016

The Indian air force common admission test will be conducted  on the 21 Feb 2016 all the defence aspirants give this exam to get selected among the Indian air force aspirants. The afcat 1 2016 written test has been sanctioned at more than hundred of examination centres all around the country, and students from all across the country will be appearing in the paper .The exam of afcat part 1 will be conducted on 21 Feb 2016 (which being a Sunday). The papers for which the exam is conducted will consist of the following sections reasoning, verbal ability, numerical ability and general awareness subject will be made available on
All the candidates who dream don the airforce dress will need to fill the form of The afcat examination.The paper will be of two hours duration this paper is more about the mental durability one needs to answer the questions on the least time possible and that also correctly to the most accurate of the precisions.

You can also Download the paper for AFCAT along with the video answers of the paper.

AFCAT 1 Answer Keys 2016

AFCAT 1 2016 Answer Keys Set A
AFCAT 1 2016 Answer Keys Set B
AFCAT 1 2016 Answer Keys Set C
AFCAT 1 2016 Answer Keys Set D


Various G.K. Questions we can confirm as of now with Answers

1. Gravity on moon 1/6

2. Do or Die during quit India Movement

3. war between Maratha and mughuls during Aurangzeb during the time of shivaji

4. Op. maitri Nepal rescue mission .

5. Lothal and rangpur gujrat

6. Solar eclipse during new moon

7. Amoga 1 anti tank missile

8. 1 Degree = 4min earths rotation

9. hemoglobin carries blood

10. all enzymes are protein

11. 62nd movie award court

12. French national honor yashwant sinha

13. A.C. to D.C. rectifier

14. Ebrrrarer Aircraft brazil

15. Jhakarta place where sania nehwal lost

16. Sean abbot was the bowler whose bouncer killed philip hughes

17. The book was written by sanjeev suhota ( the yaer of runways )

18. R.S. is a permanent house does not get dissolved

ODD one out

1. Rjd this is the only party rest are alliances

2. India rest all are continents

3. Sania Nehwal is the only who is from badminton rest all lawn tennis

4. The train to Pakistan (because it is the only book not written by R.K. Lakshman)

5. The pass from starting from K is wrong, as shipkila, rhotang and all are pasess

Correcting Words

1. excess

2. fulfilled

3. occasion

4. auxiliary

Maths Questions which we can confirm about along with the Answers

1. 7:8 on adding three the ratio becomes 8:9 Answer 21:24

2. average question where average is 25 and then 7 is subtracted from all observations ans 25-7 =18

3. 34 students average age ans 49

4. Cp of 10 pens = sp of 9 articles profit 11 1/9%

5. stream and boat with speed of boat =9 speed of stream =1.5 distance 105 km time tak 24 hours

6. a question where the weight was under weighed to extent of 900 gms the answer is 11 1/9 percent

7. average speed between 2 point one was 55 other 70 answer was 61.6

8. Speed of boat 6 and then find the speed of the stream so that time taken is three times upstream and downstream speed of stream = 3


AFCAT 1 2016 Answer key

AFCAT 1 2016 Answer key


Verbal Reasoning

1. Energy : dissipate

money: squander

2. Arrows: quiver

money : bank

3. Sculptor: Atelier

miner : quarry

 Venn Diagrams

1. Apple orange mango ( all three circle separate )

2. Machine , Lathe , Mathematics (all lathes are machine but mathematics is separate all together )

so 2 conc . circles and the last one completely different

3. Sea, Island , Mountain ( in sea you have island mountain is separate all together )

so 2 conc . circles and the last one completely different

4. Tall men, black haired people   , Indians

( all 3 circles to be touching each other ) as some indians are tall men and some tall men are black haired people.)

This year expect cut off and previous years cut off can be checked here ..

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