Recently the chief minister mehbooba mufti. Gave a clear warning to her coalition bjp. Not to tinker with the compromising constitution as it would be proved a fatal blow it. She was referring to the ongoing case  supreme court. It was challenging the validity of such articles where known j&k person could buy property in state as per the right partition filled by lesser known NON-NGO that it was the long standard desire of  ideologists to struck down the special status of j&k
As per the apprehension Kashmir that such a move would  open the huge.influx of demographic transformation in the state changing all together. The present equation of the ethnic population j&k govt is also consent  on the slow reaction of the centre govt. to file reply in this partition in the absence of  the proper response the situation to could be explosive. Legality of the article 35-a is being challenged on the plea that it was not added by the constitution amendment in the article 368. The article it self does not conform any right on the j&k subject.
Under the instrument of accession ACT by maharaja hari singh signed in OCT 1947  mention only three things/ foreign affairs.defence and communication only. In july 1949 sheikh Abdullah and his 3 colleagues joined Indian constitution assembly and negotiated for next five month on the relationship on the state of j&k with Indian union. This gave birth to the adoption of the article 370 and that restrictionof union legislative power over Kashmir over the 3 issues of instrument of accession act.
To extend to the other provision of constitution union govt would have to issues a precident to which proper concurrence is means once Kashmir constitutional assembly framed the state constitution and resolved the would be no further  extension the union legislative.
This  is the core of the j&k autonomy any attempt to temped with his ignored the situation where in  j&k stands to boil. This is to be believed the side of the present J&K chief minister .