7 Most Important Things To Avoid in the SSB Interview

7 Most Important Things To Avoid in the SSB Interview, ssb interviews coaching india, afcat coaching india, cds coaching chandigarh

Finally Who loose the INTERVIEWS Are Those  WHO Display:-

1. Lack of Tidiness.

2. Cynical Approach.

3. A Pessimistic out look.

4. lack of spirit of cooperation.

5. Over cleverness – It betrays scant regards for truth and lack of personal integrity.

6. inability to stand up to criticism.

7. Influence peddling i.e. boasting and show selfishness and tendency to subvert sense of unity an cooperation.

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Don’t criticise or find fault with a person who is not present there.

Do not Waffle, boast vainly and shout.

Don’t become a bore in repeating your answer.

Don’t give Excuse.

Don’t be self opinionated.

Don’t challenge the correctness of the statement of the president.Be rather tactful.

Don’t close your eyes. while you want to concentrate.

Don’t shout or murmur.

Don’t drag or sound monotonous.

Don’t look down or look up.

Don’ start yawing during the interviews.

Don’t keep moving your knees or tapping the floor with your feet.

Don’t unnecessarily cough if you can avoid.