10 things to be kept in mind during SSB Group Discussion

10 things to be kept in mind during SSB Group Discussion

A basic insight into the group discussions for all the aspirants for SSB Interview ..

Rule 1. Listen very clearly as to what the GTO has to say and do not interrupt him in between . Once he has done speaking, he might ask for doubts make sure you speak them out that very time only. IN any case do not ask for a count the second time he repeats.
Rule 2 . Speak at the right time and when you speak make sure that you exude confidence..
Rule 3. Make eye contact with all the people and make sure you look at all speakers properly, but at no point for time try making eye contact with the GTO.(GroupTesting Officer)
Rule 4. Pay attention to all while they are speaking do not look down .
Rule 5. There is is no need to bend forward while speaking your voice should be strong enough to support you .
Rule 6. Never cut across anyone while someone else is speaking
Rule 7. In case you have no knowledge about the topic listen to others and after gaining some knowledge speak on the topic given to you.
Rule 8. Your body language should be straight and uptight do not slack while speaking.

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